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MEDS 2017 Financial Aid Instructions

Learn how to get financial assistance for the MEDS conference.

We try to keep MEDS affordable (registration is $20), but to ensure every student has a chance to attend financial aid is available for students who qualify. Financial aid is provided in the form of fee reimbursement, but in some cases fee waivers.

Eligibility requirements

For the current school year:

  1. Have an expected family contribution (EFC) of $2,000 or less (found on your financial aid award statement)
  2. Receive a Board of Governor’s (BOG) Fee Waiver

In order to receive any financial aid, you must attend MEDS.

Applying for aid

Deadline to apply for aid is January 26, 2017.

  1. Submit proof of eligibility (copy of financial aid letter) by either:
    1. Email: meds@ucsd.edu, subject line: “MEDS Financial Aid”
    2. Mail: MEDS Conference
      9500 Gilman Dr. MC# 0311
      La Jolla, CA 92093-0311
  2. Receive confirmation we have approved of eligibility
  3. Attend MEDS!
  4. Receive reimbursement 3-5 days after MEDS

Fee waiver: We are happy to work with students who are unable to pay for registration, but still wish to attend. If you are interested, e-mail us, subject “MEDS Fee Waiver” as soon as possible.

Registering for MEDS

If you are financially able to register for MEDS, feel free to register as soon as possible—spots fill quickly, especially in sought-after workshops! After registering, you may then submit proof of eligibility for financial aid, and we will keep record to reimburse cost of registration after you attend the conference.

If you are unable to afford the fee in order to register, don’t worry — e-mail us, subject “MEDS Fee Waiver,” as soon as possible and we will work with you.